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Silver Weed Control Package

Introducing the Silver Weed Control Package from Yard Solutions – your comprehensive answer to seasonal weed challenges in Oklahoma. Designed to keep your lawn healthy and lush throughout the year, this package includes a series of targeted treatments that adapt to the changing needs of your lawn with each season. From early spring emergence to late fall preparation, our expert team ensures your lawn receives the best in weed control and prevention. Embrace the beauty of a well-maintained lawn with our tailored Silver Weed Control Package.

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Silver Weed Control Package

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Residential & Commercial

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Recommended Maintenance:

As needed, typically seasonally


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Service Benefits:

Say goodbye to unsightly weeds and hello to a pristine lawn that enhances your property's overall appeal.

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The Silver Weed Control Package from Yard Solutions offers a comprehensive, season-long approach to maintaining a healthy lawn. Starting with a pre-spring treatment, our pre/post-emergent applications lay the groundwork for a strong defense against a variety of weeds, ensuring your lawn is well-prepared for the year ahead. As spring progresses, we reinforce this protection with an additional round of pre/post-emergent treatments, targeting early-spring weeds and maintaining the health and vitality of your lawn.

As summer reaches its peak, our focus shifts to mid-summer weed management. This treatment addresses the common weed issues of the season, excluding nutsedge which is a part of our Gold package. It's a crucial step in maintaining your lawn's appearance and health during the warmer months. Finally, our fall treatments provide vigilance against late-season weeds. The pre/post-emergent applications during this period are key to preparing your lawn for the colder months, ensuring it remains strong and resilient through winter dormancy. With the Silver Weed Control Package, your lawn receives consistent, effective care throughout the year.

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